Jessop Doxx

About me and art

Hailee Araya was born and raised in Lund, Sweden which is a small college town located in the south of Sweden.

Jessop doxx is the name she goes by as an artist which is inspired by "Violet Jessop" the infamous nurse that survived Both the titanic and HMS britannic and got the nickname "the unsinkabe Violet".

Modeling in Sweden, Theatre in NYC, burlesque dancer in Paris, surf instructor in Venice Beach , chef in Hawaii and Bartender in Hawaii have been a few of Hailee's other creative outlets. She still acts and actively surfs in her freetime. Hailee describes herself as restless and extremely curious. Her appetite for the world has only contributed to her growth as a artist, and art itself, she describes it as her "oldest friend".

She started paining at the age of 8 with watercolors on paper. After moving to The US at the age of 17 , art exhibits quickly followed in NYC, Art Basel in Miami, and the LA ART SHOW to name a few.

Art isn't something she pursued on a professional level until recently. It felt like revealing a much too intimate part of herself which she struggled with to the point where she found exhibits extremly anxiety-inducing "it literally felt like standing naked infront of strangers when people looked at my art sometimes. She didn't dedicated any instagram och fb pages to art and comissioned art usually happened by word of mouth which suited her over the years,. These days it's quite the opposite, she enjoys and looks forward to exhibits and the idea of sharing her art with people though social media.

She has an exhibit planned for the summer to show her new mixed media creative project with a photographer.

These days she uses acrylic and gauche in her work and paints on canvas but actively pursues different ways to explore and grow artistically.  She tries to draw inspiration form her own experiences and life but when its comissioned work for a client she focuses on getting inspiration from them.

"My style is abstract and often desribed as surrealism so whats awesome about it is that you don't really know how the painting is gonna turn out. its 100% fantasy driven and my process is actually to speak with the client and get an understanding of what they're after. I suppose i'd describe it as trying to get a glimpse of their inner life/soul, its 50/50". – Jessop Doxx

Behind the art